Client Bill of Rights

Choosing a financial advisor can sometimes feel like a leap of faith. However, such a crucial decision about your financial future shouldn’t be made on a whim or gut feeling. It should be made on a foundation of trust, transparency, and mutual understanding. Our Client Bill of Rights does just that. It explains what we expect from every client, and what every client, in turn, can expect of us.

Outstanding Service

Our team at Leap Wealth Management is committed to providing courteous service to all of our clients. We emphasize both respect and integrity, allowing you to participate fully and comfortably while working with a team whose approach and personality align with yours.

Trusted Advisors

As our client, you are entitled to partner with a team that acts with skill, care, and sound judgement on your behalf. Our advisors are knowledgeable professionals who are up-to-speed with developments that could impact you, enabling them to offer impartial advice for your personalized set of circumstances.

Personalized Recommendations

Your financial goals are unique to you, thus you have a right to recommendations that are consistent with enhancing your financial well-being. Through thorough research, our team can customize a plan that puts your interests first, seeking suitable investments at appropriate prices.


In our interactions with clients, we practice full disclosure regarding all of the important facts concerning your financial life. We are here to give you honest answers to your pressing questions. Furthermore, we will be as clear and concise as possible in this process.

Timely Communication

We keep our lines of communication with clients open and ongoing, ensuring you feel in control of your wealth. We guarantee proactive guidance and prompt responses as we anticipate your needs and address your concerns.


Your journey with Leap Wealth Management will include continual education, helping you make smart financial decisions and avoid costly mistakes. By presenting your portfolio in understandable terms, you are better able to assess risks and explore alternative paths.

Exceptional Execution

When you choose to work with our team, you can expect exceptional execution in all that we do. All transactions will be completed in a timely and precise manner.

Accurate Reporting

Each third party report you receive regarding your portfolio will reflect all account positions, cash receipts, and disbursements with accuracy and attention to detail. We will supplement these statements with our own reports detailing client holdings and performance.


By trusting us with your financial past, present, and future, we are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. Leap Wealth Management will protect your privacy to the highest standards outlined by SEC, FINRA, and state and regulatory agencies.