Independence Defined

Your Best Interest Is Ours

As an independent, privately-owned practice, Leap Wealth Management protects and preserves your portfolio with the freedom to pursue your best path forward. Unlike other advisors whose actions are dictated by a broker dealer or mutual fund company, we are not bound by the proprietary products of a particular firm. Instead, we are able to build low cost, tailored portfolios using a variety of investments best suited to your specific goals. We then track the progress of your portfolio on a consistent basis, allowing us to move in and out of the market based on observable trends. At times when underlying investments show strength, we take a position aimed at growing your money. On the contrary, when underlying investments indicate weakness, we leave your money in cash until the bear market cycles to a bull market. This ability to make financial decisions that take into consideration both the rise and fall of the market and the needs of you and your family is what defines our work and our purpose.

Leap Wealth Management works as a fiduciary for all of our clients. We take this responsibility seriously, going above and beyond to ensure we give sound advice that will expand and maintain your wealth. Our team is happy to partner with your trusted advisors or recommend reliable attorneys, accountants, and independent insurance agents. This network of professionals adheres to the same level of balanced advice we do when coordinating and implementing the necessary steps to achieve your financial goals.

When you work with Leap Wealth Management, our interests are aligned with yours. By adopting a fee-based structure, we are not paid by commission or transactions. Simply, we are not biased towards keeping you invested, regardless of market conditions.

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