Individual 401(k) Management

Whether you are nearing the end of your career or still decades away, it’s important you retire on your own terms. The wealth you’ve accumulated before making this transition needs to sustain you and enable you to explore new hobbies, travel to exciting places, and nurture important relationships. Leap Wealth Management offers you support and direction as you realize your vision for retirement and establish an effective plan.

Our firm has the expertise to assist you both before and after retirement. Prior to retirement, we concentrate on growing your savings by building wealth on a tax-deferred basis and recommending appropriate investment choices in your 401(k). Following retirement, you benefit from our advice on how to improve cash flow, preserve capital while maintaining your lifestyle, and take advantage of tax efficient distributions.

Like all of our customized portfolios, we manage your individual 401(k) according to market cycles. Using the investment vehicles available within your retirement plan, we continually assess strengths and weaknesses, buying and selling at optimal times to bypass major losses and position you for steady gains. We aim to make the most out of the contributions you set aside during your working years, so you can design and enjoy a more confident retirement.

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