Retirement Plan Design

Establishing a retirement plan can present many challenges for a retirement plan fiduciary. Those who serve on corporate committees face the difficult process of weighing personal and institutional liability, understanding complex laws and regulations, and comprehending confusing fee reports and communications.

Leap Wealth Management strives to relieve some of this burden by providing guidance and fiduciary governance solutions, resulting in a streamlined course of development that both outlines specific processes and suggests the organizational structures needed to create an atmosphere of well-informed decision making and risk management. We are enthusiastic about reaching a successful outcome that benefits the company and the plan participants.

While brokers or benefit consultants push products, our focus remains on creating a client-centered partnership. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we operate under a fiduciary status that empowers us to act solely and exclusively for the plan and its beneficiaries. This solidifies our ability to serve as an objective ERISA fiduciary.


Independence – Leap Wealth Management does not sell particular products or partner with third-party companies.

Direct Pricing – We base our price on the level of service you request, removing any hidden costs or agendas.

Ongoing Oversight – Our team can help you uncover and potentially reduce excess fees within your plan so that you have complete transparency and greater control.

Accountability – Leap Wealth Management stands beside you, offering trusted advice that leads to informed decisions and managed risk.

Flexibility – We recognize retirement plans are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we work with you to structure services and solutions that meet your needs, not fit you to a specific product or service.

Results-Oriented – Our primary role is to obtain and maintain the highest level of service for the best possible price from your providers. We do this by engaging in regular negotiations which utilize our extensive knowledge of marketplace trends and changes.

Expertise – We specialize in investments, retirement, and the retirement plan marketplace.